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You’ve done the right thing. You’re taking the first step towards getting debt advice. You are now joining the many thousands of people each year in England, who benefit from getting advice through the Money Adviser Network.

What is the Money Adviser Network?

Our network brings together some of the country’s best known debt advice providers so you can access free, confidential and independent debt advice straight away.

You won’t need to pay for the advice you receive, and speaking to us won’t affect your credit rating.

Advice you can trust

The network is run by the MoneyHelper a UK arm’s-length government body that helps you access free, confidential and independent debt advice.

We make sure all the debt advice services in the network hold a standard or membership accredited by us and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Everything you share with us is completely safe and private.

What will the advice service help me to do?

1. Understand your financial situation

You will get a full assessment of your financial situation based on the information you give to them.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got all your paperwork together. We can help you work out exactly how much you owe and what money you have coming in and going out.

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2. Create a personalised budget

A budget is really important for working out how much money you have to pay off your debts while keeping up with essential bills and living costs.

It also helps the adviser service to work out which debt solution is right for you.

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3. Draw up a practical action plan

Once you have a full picture of your financial situation, the adviser service will guide you through the practical steps to set up the solution that works for you.

You will now be on your way to getting yourself back on track, knowing you have made the best choice with the right professional support.

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If you don’t live in England

If you need advice on managing your money and live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, we can still assist you in finding the right help for you on the next page.

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